25 ways to make me fall in love with you.

1. Be ambitious. Be going somewhere.

2. Smile a lot.

3. Make me laugh. Often.

4. Must love cats. Or at least, must tolerate cats that are constantly cuddling with me. Extra super bonus points if you don’t roll your eyes when they wake me up at 8 in the morning so I can feed them wet food.

5. Let me make you laugh. You must think I’m funny to be romantically compatible with me. This is just a fact of life. 

6. Accept my crazy need to know everything and control everything.

7. Listen to me, and listen well.

8. Even listen when I tell the same story for the 223402938502935th time because I forgot who I’d told it to.

9. Even listen when I go on and on for and hour or two at the end of a really good or really bad day at school. Extra bonus points if my rant involves professional development or teaching lingo that you don’t understand but listen to anyway after I try (too quickly) to explain it so my story makes sense.

10. Remember little things about me, like my cats’ names or why my car mirrors are mismatched or what school I’m subbing at tomorrow.

11. Listen quietly when there is a song that makes me feel feelings, even if you don’t get it.

12. Don’t judge me too much when you realize how messy I am.

13. Care about me the same amount that I care for you. I can’t really stress this one enough; I think that when I finally find someone who I don’t emotionally overpower, I will find my soulmate.

14. Tell me I look pretty every now and then.

15. Keep up with me, even when I’m changing my mind and what I want every two or three weeks.

16. Sometimes, let me go on and on about the person/way I used to be. Every now and then, that’s just all I want to talk about.

17. Respect that I used to be totally different, and that, during that time, I make a lot of really dumb choices and spent a lot of time in a dark, twisty place.

18. Text me first.

19. Take me on a real date.

20. Challenge me. This doesn’t mean fight with me; it means question me when I’m being crabby. It means have an intellectual conversation with me. It means don’t let me get away with everything all the time.

21. At least try not to laugh at me when I reveal to you some of the stupid music that I thoroughly enjoy.

22. Always let me control the radio. I’m a brat about that.

23. Get along with my friends.

24. Share yourself with me. Tell me about your life and your past and everything that there is to know about you. The more I know, the more I care about every human on earth.

25. Love me back.

One response to “25 ways to make me fall in love with you.

  1. Great post, very thoughtful.
    PS Enjoyed reading of your experiences in China. 750 students, like WOW!!!!
    PPS Decided to leave China recently … but changed my mind. Am staying another year …

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